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Who is Misha?

Our brand has been established as a way of sharing a unique and truly original Russian boot. Misha Valenki are hand crafted in a small family-run factory in Finland established nearly a century ago, using traditional Russian felting techniques.

Already adorning the feet of celebrities including Natalia Vodianova who was seen sporting her pair in New York and making appearances in a number of magazines and TV shows, valenki can be styled to suit both rural and urban settings.

We pride ourselves with the heart and soul that goes into creating each pair.
Ecologically responsible and ethical production means we consider carefully our supply chain and manufacturing techniques and each boot is finished by hand to keep as close to its historical roots and to ensure the best quality.
Made of 100% wool with a rubber sole, their blend of simplicity and durability make them the perfect accessory. We have made it our goal to interpret Russian traditions passed down from generation to generation and share the country's most loved boot and best kept footwear secret.

The Russian comfort.
Wool is known as one of the strongest natural fibres, enduring and long lasting in the cold winters or just keeping your feet cosy. During the felting process, the woollen fibres shrink and entangle very tightly and firmly making the boots perfectly insulated and able to keep your feet warm.  A little known fact is that the natural fibres also let your feet breathe meaning no overheating in milder temperatures.

To revive this forgotten gem and make it a reality for the European market has meant a lengthy development process. Misha production also takes time - just one pair involves 25 different stages of manufacture.